Clinical Office:MPage Edition
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Learn at Your Pace

We understand that many people don't have the luxury of dedicating all of their time to learning a new development platform. Whether you write MPages full-time or split your time between CCL and MPage development, there is always something else demanding your time.

With this in mind, as of April 2022 we have moved to a primarily online self-serve education model that you can work through as your time is available.

Instructor led classes are available for hospitals who prefer a classic educational experience in addition to the material available here. For pricing and contact information, please see our Purchase Page.

Clinical Office:MPage Edition v3.5 is currently under development and offers a number of new features not found in the current version. After v3.5 is released later this year new training material will be developed as website content. The new training content will consist of both written website text and online videos.

For the current version, the slides used in our instructor led course offer the most comprehensive training. These slides can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the button below.

Download Training Slides