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Company Profile

Founded in 2004 by John Simpson and Kara-Lee Carson-Simpson, Precision Healthcare Solutions offers our clients a premium experience where excellence is expected in every project. Our team is small compared to our competition as we firmly believe that delivering quality service and products is only possible with the top talent in the industry.

Our talent is hand picked by John Simpson who is a seasoned developer with over 18 years of Cerner experience and 21 years of IT experience. All our developers are tested by John and their work is routinely reviewed to ensure it meets our standards.

The majority of our business has been the development of Cerner CCL reports and extracts as well as mPage development. Over the past few years, clients have begun to request Cerner hybrid projects that involve moving data from Cerner to custom software that we design. Sometimes this hyrbrid software ends with our application (such as a Cerner downtime application) or other times our platform is used as a delivery mechanism to another system (e.g. eCQM reporting).

With this shift into developing applications outside of Cerner, we have become experts in developing web, Windows and mobile applications for our clients. We are also in the process of developing our own application platform that will be used to help rapidly develop applications for our clients.

The future has never been more exciting and we believe that our contributions to Healthcare IT will benefit our customers for years to come.

Contact Information

John Simpson
Partner/Sr. Systems Analyst

Kara-Lee Carson-Simpson
Partner/Business Administration


Precision Healthcare Solutions
47 Colonel Butler Crescent
Ontario, Canada
L0S 1J0
Phone: (905) 380-9348
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