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Cerner CCL and mPages are fantastic platforms for building reports, custom views and full-blown applications within Cerner but sadly fall short when you need to use your data outside of Cerner. Many hospitals are moving their Cerner data in data warehousing systems and using reporting tools such as IBM Cognos to combine data from multiple sources (e.g. Cerner, Billing and other systems) to meet organizational reporting needs. Some hospitals have live Oracle links to their Cerner database for external reporting in these same tools (Cognos).

These data warehousing efforts open up new and unique opportunities where links to Cerner and database copies can be leveraged in custom applications such as patient portals, downtime reporting systems, eCQM mapping and interfaces or anything else you can imagine. Any data you have exposed to your data warehouse or reporting system has the potential to be leveraged in a custom application.

We believe that hospitals will quickly discover that these custom applications will offer incredible solutions that will improve patient care and reduce manual effort across the organization. Custom applications can be developed as web applications or Windows applications depending on your requirements. All web applications can be developed as mobile friendly applications which will permit your users to access the application from their mobile phone if connected to your network.

We also believe that most hospitals are concerned about the support needs of these hybrid applications and understand that a common framework is necessary to keep these applications maintainable for many years to come. For this reason, we have been developing our own product which will offer a common framework that will allow for rapid development of these custom applications that will be easily maintained and supported.

This new product will be called Clinical Office. Release information will be posted on www.clinicaloffice.com as it becomes available.

For customers wishing to implement a custom hybrid solution today, everything we develop will be compatible with Clinical Office and easily ported if you desire when Clinical Office has been released.

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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