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Has the standard Cerner CCL training left you wanting more?

CCL is a powerful language and without adequete training your team could be struggling. Our CCL training service is unique in that it is tailored to the needs and skill level of your programming team. If your team is new to CCL, we have developed a course that covers the basics of CCL SQL, record structures and report writing with Layout Builder. For teams with more experience, this base course is customized by reviewing the basics (or eliminating them if desired) and filling the time with topics that your team is interested in learning more about such as advanced Layout Builder presentation, manipulating blobs or whatever tasks your team is struggling with.

Our CCL course is offered as an instructor led online class and consists of 3 days of hands on education that includes the following:

Client Requirements

Often we are contacted by individuals who wish to learn CCL and while we would love to offer our training to everyone, we unfortunately can only train staff of hospitals who are currently Cerner clients. In addition to being a Cerner client, the following will be needed by both the instructor and all of the students attending the course:

Combining our training with our custom CCL services will help you build a CCL dream team.

Our clients have found that in addition to our CCL training, having one of our skilled CCL developers working with your developers on a regular day-to-day basis rapidly helps build the experience of your team. Your team is able to use the materials learned in class while having their instructor working every day with them as a mentor. While your team is ramping up their experience, your organization also benefits from having an experienced CCL developer working through your CCL requests.

As an added bonus, we like to have routine sessions where the development team meets together to discuss projects they are working on as well as to learn new advanced materials they weren't ready for during the course.

Schedule your training now.

Classes are priced at $7,500 USD and our training platform allows up to 20 students to be enrolled in one session.

We can be reached by emailing jsimpson@precisionhealth.net or by phone at (905) 380-9348.

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