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Even hospitals with dedicated CCL teams benefit from our services. The Queue Buster is one of our most popular service offerings where you simply contract us to blast through your CCL request back-log in turn freeing up your team to focus on new work. The Queue Buster can give you the following benefits:

  1. Your old CCL requests are completed.
  2. Where possible, script performance is improved when modifying the old scripts which in turn reduces your Cerner resource usage and end user wait times.
  3. Your programming team will be able to focus on current new project work and not be burdened by an overwhelming list of CCL requests.
  4. Relationships between other departments within the hospital will be improved as they will feel their needs are being met by your CCL team.
Typically we have found that a 3 month Queue Buster project will eliminate 85-100 requests from your CCL project queue. This number is based on the queues of multiple clients throughout the USA and Canada. Our average should be taken as a guideline only as your needs may be less or more than this average.

Now is the time to take a look at your CCL request queue and contact us to see how we can eliminate your CCL back-log.

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